ectic Concepts Ventures

Welcome to the ventures section here at ectic Concepts where we will be delving into a whole new world of surfboard design and the testing of it.

The boards featured are all projects, designed to push boundaries, challenge the norm and for the enjoyment of those who ride them!

We will be covering a wide spectrum of short boards ranging from displaced hull noses, widened tails, starting them around 4’9 running up to 6’0. As well as covering more modern style short boards in our pro-foils range (but still so very different).

The testing of my boards will be piloted by some of the the worlds finiest local surfers from all over the globe with my 1st stop for 2014 being in Hawaii. . . Wathch this space.

And if that’s not enough, we will be sampling new fin designs that we are are working on so we can test and push boards to the limit finding out which fin systems perform best on each individual style of board.

All our antics will be captured on HD video for your viewing pleasure… Lights, Camera & let the play commence :)


Photo taken in Australia in April 2014 @ Cronulla Point - Rider Tony Boyd - Design 'The Chubster'... Photographer Federico Jek Lacono.

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