Joe Head my in house fin designer & nutty professor has been working for a while now in his lab on a set of curved fins to add to our range of fins...

Don`t let the strange appearance deceive you, the Claws are unique curve shaped keel fins that offer an alternative to drive into your turns and allow speed through those flat spots where most boards lose their pace.

The curve Core technology fins provide smooth rail-to-rail transitions and superior hold while the board is on rail.




Momentumz. . . Totally & one hurdred percently built around the mini simmons and making her as playfull and as stakey as we can get her!

If there was to be a fin good for waist high clean hollow playful wave, these are certainly the fin that fit the bill.

All I can say is get some of these fins, put them in and be amazed...
Glide, slide, a ride with bite where needed. . .



DoubleDs.jpgDouble D's
Every guy dreams of a pair of these bad boy and why not!
The Double D's give you super hold on those more sucky big hollow days when other keels just cannot man up to the challenge and seem to loose their way & start sliding about!

As well as having some bite they dont cause the board to have too much so still easy for turns & great for cutbacks :) Yeeewwww!
The Double D's come with a padded bra like all should to stop them geting damaged when bouncing about the place!


SRKeel.jpgNot just your usual run of the mill keel fins made out in china by a machine and build all around profit... These have been played with & tested until we got the best out of the keel.
We have atually changed quite a bit of the original keel & over the last 12 months come up what we feel is a good all around performane keel.

Joe has added the Japanise Samuri Sun for a total unique look we feel sets them of & adds the the look of this fin.


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